Thursday, October 21, 2010

A Conversation Amongst Friends

Most writers like to write certain types of scenes more than others.  Some authors simply excel at action scenes.  Others are phenomenal at dramatic, soul-revealing dialog.

And when it comes to dialog, some authors prefer to write certain types of interactions more than authors.  Whether it's a conversation filled with snarky one-liners, or one in which the characters are professing their love for one another, sometimes the author just likes to write certain types of conversations more than others.

I like to write scenes showing the interaction between friends.  Usually, there's quite a bit of sarcasm involved.

I do like sarcasm.

You can ask just about anyone that knows me and they'll agree.  The ones that don't agree ... well, they're just not that bright.

But, also I like writing interactions between friends interesting is because there's often a lowering of your guard when dealing with close friends.  It allows some insight into the mind and soul of a character.  Readers like that sort of thing.  I like to write it.  In appropriate doses, of course.   A book filled with soul revealing dialog after soul revealing dialog would most likely bore me to death.

At the same time, real friends often "punch up" their conversations with humor -- sometimes self-deprecating, sometimes biting remarks about one another -- and that's also an important part of the interplay that makes writing such interactions and conversations so fun for me.

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